Studied Major International Hospitality in Jakarta

Studied Major International Hospitality in Jakarta are quite promising because the opportunities and development of hotels in Indonesia are quite rapid. You could say college is a crucial phase in everyone’s life. Because this time will be one that determines one’s future by choosing the right major or not. There are so many choices for courses such as medicine which is one of the favorite, economics, even though the law. However, if you are dizzy to choose all the majors above for fear of not being able to work or compete, instead of being dizzy it is better to choose an Studied Major international hospitality lecture in Jakarta that is being hits.

Indeed, if seen again, the department of hospitality has not been as big and many devotees such as majors in economics or law and others. But in recent years you could say students and students who choose this department continue to increase each year. Then, what lessons will be obtained from a student who will undergo his studies in the hospitality department. No need to be confused, the following will describe several lessons that will certainly be taught in this hospitality lecture.

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international hospitality lecture in Jakarta

Learn the Basics From Management to Specific Hospitality Management
Management lessons to be taught include planning for the continuity of the hotel and learning the essential vision and mission of the hotel itself. Will also be taught how to recruit employees from the hotel to the recruitment of all departments in the hotel which will become the workplace of students later. In addition, all will also be taught the process of paying, giving bonuses, leadership training to evaluating the performance of the employees in the hotel. Pretty much not a job that will be handled by a graduate majoring in hospitality.

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international hospitality lecture in Jakarta

Learn Foreign Languages
Usually in international hospitality courses in Jakarta, you will study up to 2 foreign languages ​​on campus. But it all depends on the campus curriculum and policy whether to set more than 2 foreign languages ​​or not. But most certainly the most important thing is in learning English, of course. If the distribution of alumni targets set by the campus is in the Asian region, then it is possible for Mandarin, Japanese, Korean to Arabic lessons. Some even teach their classes in German, Italian and French.

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