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Many young generation of Indonesia, especially high school graduates are confused and hesitant to determine further study options even though there is an Studied International Hospitality Lecture in Jakarta. They generally want to succeed quickly. They are afraid that they will choose the wrong study program which will result in unemployment after graduation. Many know, in Indonesia unemployment is very large, including undergraduate graduates. Widely reported in the media: Internet, TV, Newspapers, etc., the Hospitality field is one of the fields of very rapid development throughout the world, including Indonesia. So It’s time to take the right major, namely the International Hospitality course in Jakarta.

However, many high school and vocational high school graduates do not yet know that the hospitality and tourism fields are very promising. Lecture can be said to be a crucial phase in life. Sometimes, the future will be determined by the choice of college. What major are you studying in? The most troubling moment for most students is to decide which course to take.

Of the many choices, from favorites like medicine, law, economics, engineering, it seems like everything is difficult. Want to be cool like in computer science, architecture or design, but why is his brain afraid not strong. Ah, rather than being dizzy, I think I majored in hits, with opportunities in the future it seems bright, because in almost every city, the development is very fast, hotels.

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Okay sip, majoring in international hospitality courses in Jakarta seems nice, cool, relaxed, cool-looking people, can meet lots of people, work (looks) relaxed. Is it really like that? Of course, this work is very relaxed, rather than you have to think like other majors.

In 2018 there were more than 15.8 million foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, this figure has not been added to the increasing number of domestic tourists visiting various destinations in the country. Now, with the increase in tourist numbers will certainly also have an impact on the hospitality industry. In Indonesia there are already more than 3,300 five-star hotels scattered throughout the country, these five-star hotels certainly require a professional and qualified workforce in the field of hospitality.

Well, armed with vocational education that you take at Universitas Pelita Harapan, you can become a professional ready to work and ready to compete in this industry. The hospitality department is not as big as the majors in Law, Economics, IT etc., but in recent years, the increase in students in this department has always increased rapidly. Is it really just following the trends and times, because you’re lazy to study in other majors, or passion?

The field of hospitality and tourism is a promising professional land, quickly successful in a short time and highly paid (usually US Dollar standard).

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The WTO reports that the increase in the hotel industry will grow rapidly. In 2010 there were about 1 billion tourists who travel and will always increase rapidly to 1.5 billion tourists in 2020. All of them will have a good effect on the world of hospitality as tourist accommodation.

This will certainly encourage investment in the hotel & tourism sector (hotels, cruises, restaurants and travel agents) especially in tourist destinations including Indonesia. Until now the hospitality and tourism sector still lacks ± 500 thousand – 1 million professional workers.

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Studying International Hospitality in Jakarta, Is It Promising?
If you want proof, almost all large hotels, cruises, travel agents, international network restaurants need thousands of professionals in that field.

Work in the Hospitality sector that is prioritized are: Skills, Honesty and Discipline Not the Degree / Level of Education, so Working in Starred Hotels, Cruises and Restaurants for hospitality graduates 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years will be the same, from which involves jobs, career paths and salaries.

So Pelita Harapan University, which is also a hospitality college in Jakarta, provides an Intensive Fast Work Program (± 99% of Alumni successfully becoming Managers / General Managers in Starred Hotels, Cruises and Restaurants) with an International standard curriculum. Save more money and time without having to go to college for long.

Since its foundation in 1994, a large number of Pelita Harapan University alumni have succeeded in working at Starred Hotels, Cruise Ships and Luxury Restaurants, having staff of undergraduate and D3 graduates from UPH.

To illustrate: You and your friends graduated from high school this year. You enter the Pelita Harapan University Intensive Fast Work Program and graduate immediately accepted to work at a five-star hotel. In five years you will be a supervisor with a large salary.

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